Key Challenges_

  • – A mixed use development on a complex site
  • – Included number of existing buildings
  • – Located with a conservation area

Architect: Robin Partington + Partners


GDM were appointed to provide services for Castlewood House, located within the London Borough of Camden with frontages onto New Oxford Street, Earnshaw Street, Bucknall Street and Dyott Street.

Commercial Office Consideration_

– Maximise floor to ceiling heights
– Consider options for passive cooling, thermal mass and mixed mode systems
– Review locations of internal and external air conditioning equipment
– Space to be allocated for future tenant condenser units for comms rooms
– Main office fresh air supply and extract ventilation to be provided by new air handling plant with heat recovery
– Main office lighting to be provided by high efficient low energy fittings

Retail Space Consideration_

– Heating and cooling via VRF system with an allocation of space for future VRF condenser plant locations
– Ventilation plant size and location

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