Mechanical Solutions_

  • – Full design of CAT B MEPH services
  • – Concealed four-pipe fan coil units
  • – High efficiency LED lighting

Architect: Morey Smith


This exciting development involves a £15M CAT A and B fit-out in parallel with base-build construction of a 125,000 sqft office space for an owner developer occupier.

The Architectural rework replaces the North-East corner of Hanover Square with two distinctive components – office and residential – that are separated above ground but share basement facilities. Our commission, the office portion, features square symmetry, repeating vertical windows, and a Portland stone facade in keeping with those of other Mayfair buildings.

Working and interfacing with MACE (Base Build Contractor) and COMO (CAT B fit-out Contractor), Gratte Brothers (MEPH Services Contractors for both Base Build and CAT B fit-out), alongside Morey-Smith Architects.

MEP Solutions_

– Full design of CAT B MEPH services
– Four-pipe fan coil units
– High efficiency LED lighting.


The space is really beautiful

Great job to your team for really pushing the engineering beyond the norm in London and of course for letting me drive you crazy.

Troy Grichuk
Design Director — Gensler, NY

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