BIM Blog : Spring

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BIM Blog : Spring

Andrew Senior

Hello and welcome to the first of our regular BIM updates.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrew Senior and I am a Senior BIM and CAD technician working in our London Office. Over many years I have witnessed the introduction of BIM to the construction industry and how businesses and people are coming to terms with its impact on their projects and fulfilling their day to day engineering roles.

As the UK Government 2016 BIM mandate deadline is approaching, we are seeing many clients from the private sector starting to dip their toe into the water. With many of the architects that we work with, we find the majority of them are producing their designs using Revit and have done for many years now, regardless of whether the asset is BIM or not. This goes to show how the industry is adapting and this can only be a positive step, as it gives the client the option to progress their asset using BIM.

At first glance, particularly to new users, the BIM process can be a bit daunting and seem a very costly and time consuming process. However once you have experienced the process, we feel the positives outweigh the negatives and traditional current ways of designing.

I’m quite positively biased towards BIM as I have built up a clear understanding and knowledge of the stages of design and the finished product. If we could have every project produced in BIM, then I’d be a happy man.

Coming back to my original point, as Architects are producing Revit models, we can use these as part of our design, whether it be a BIM project or not. Producing certain areas or sketches in Revit can help visualise what the final product may look like. Areas or rooms can be modelled to specific details and spec to help our client and the team visualise how the finished product may look, long before mock ups are created on site, thus speeding up the design process. This is a huge benefit, as we can give a bespoke service to our clients by helping them visualise and make key decisions during the early stages of design, saving them time and money.

With several BIM Level 2 projects under our belt and another about to start, we have been able to build up strong understanding of the design process and exploit our skills. We have a motivated and knowledgeable team who are keen to learn more and we have built up a solid Revit Library and template.

This is just the beginning, check back here regularly for further updates on our BIM development, with regular uploads of images and news under the building modelling section of our website.



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