BIM Blog - April 2015

To demonstrate our journey and hopefully progression, we are introducing a ‘Render of the month’ (see above), incorporating renders, demo’s, recent projects and case studies. If you've been to our Cursitor Street office then hopefully you'll agree that this is a pretty close render?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my experiences and comment or the industry as a whole. So if this article is of interest to you and would like to chat BIM, I can be contacted at  Look out for more BIM info on this site soon.

BIM Blog - April 2015

Andrew Senior

Hello and welcome to our Spring BIM Update, we are now well into 2015 and the projects are coming thick and fast. We have several projects which require BIM input, which I shall be reporting on in my upcoming entries.

It’s been a busy few months in BIM for us kicking off with Ecobuild, which was held at the Excel London in early March. Held over three days, it was an industry trade fair showcasing manufacturers services and companies all involved with sustainability, energy and construction. What I found most interesting was the BIM workshops and seminars held in association with NBS National BIM Library.

As expected, the seminars were completely full and I think maybe the organisers underestimated the level of interest in BIM. There were guest speakers from organisations and manufacturers, all discussing how BIM is developing within the industry and how companies are rapidly adopting to BIM Level 2. It was interesting to hear that Level 3 BIM maturity is still very much a ‘work in progress’ due to ownership and cloud based storage needing further development.

What was clear is that the UK Government 2016 BIM mandate deadline is very achievable. Recent studies from NBS in 2013 showed that 54% of related companies are aware and currently using BIM, that’s a 15% increase on studies produced in 2012. With the 2014 BIM report due to be published soon, I would only imagine that percentage will increase.


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